Parts of Fethiye looked like Venice today as a thunder storm lashed the area with torrential rain.

Thursday began as Wednesday had ended, damp and dull. But the distant thunder at around 7 am warned that worse weather was nearing the area.

That arrived at 11am when a slow moving thunder storm brought with it torrential rain that lashed the area for well over an hour.

The unrelenting rain quickly inundated storm drains and caused floods on streets and other hard areas.

As the picture shows some streets made the town look like a Turkish Venice.

The bay turned brown as the rain waters drained into the sea too.

The local weather station recorded 69.2 kg (2.7 Inches) of rain fell.

Electricity was also cut to many properties, some for as much as 2 hours, as the storm tripped the local supply network.

The council were called out to deal with flooding in a number of domestic and business properties.

The local Turkish news services also reported that the fire service had to visit a house that was struck by lightening, green house glass was broken by hail the size of ‘walnuts’ and the top minaret of a mosque in Esen was blown off by a gust of wind.

The storm cleared with bright sunshine following. The forecast shows more rain is expected tomorrow.