The weather warnings of heavy rain came to fruition yesterday as Fethiye was lashed by a number of thunder storms. But further north the weather was much harsher.

The Turkish state metrological service issued a weather warning of heavy rain and gusty winds for many regions of Turkey last Sunday and we reported that on Fethiye Times.

Those forecasts came true with Monday being dull and damp.

Tuesday morning broke with a small thunder storm and heavy shower and continued dull and grey for the rest of the day.

It closed however with a real humdinger of a thunder storm that lashed the area with heavy rain and provided a spectacular light and sound show for most of the early evening.

But further north the weather was much harsher.

On the sea front at Bodrum big waves stirred up by 40km gusts of wind crashed over the low sea wall closing the road and nearby restaurants.

The ferry to the Greek island of Kos was cancelled and a fishing boat ran aground on a beach due to the high winds.

There was also localised flooding and some properties required the help of the fire service to pump out flood waters.

And further north in Izmir heavy rain flooded road underpasses, streets, homes and caused landslips on Tuesday. The flooding caused extensive delays to traffic as roads become blocked with water.

The heavy rain is expected to clear the west of Turkey on Wednesday to be followed by clear, sunny weather and normal seasonal temperatures on Thursday.

Just in time for the final visitors of the season out for the English half term break!