After a summer of blue skies and unrelenting sunshine the rains are forecast to return to the area this weekend.

Visitors and residents may have felt the subtle changes to the air temperatures and notice more clouds forming on the skyline over the last few days; all signs that the weather is about to change.

The weather forecast expects cloud and showers to arrive over the area on Saturday and hang around until Sunday.

The rain is forecast to be light but local conditions could be different so be prepared.

Make sure you get all of your soft furnishings under cover and close open roof top windows that have been left open all summer before the weekend to avoid any water damage.

If you are out and about on the roads this weekend be prepared for slippery surfaces if rain does fall. As this is the first rain to have fallen since 1 September the roads will be especially slick from accumulated tyre rubber and diesel.

Drivers should also check their windscreen wipers are in good order. The baking summer sun perishes the rubber and can make the blades break off leaving drivers with little of no vision through a wet and dirty windscreen.