Whilst the wind strength was not as strong as forecast the accompanying weather front increased temperatures to 25 degrees yesterday despite the cloudy skies bringing unseasonal warmth to the area.

On Sunday we warned that strong winds were forecast to strike south west Turkey.

Luckily the winds were not as strong and sustained as forecast and only a few strong gusts were experience in Fethiye during Monday.

However, the easterly wind brought an early spring bonus and temperatures rose to around 25 degrees centigrade by the afternoon even though the skies were grey with cloud. In fact with the grey clouds and high humidity the day actually felt a bit oppressive.

Even in the evening at 10pm the temperatures were still at 25 degrees centigrade.

By morning a mist appreared to hang in the skies but it was actually dust and it covered cars, homes and everything else with a fine layer of light yellow particles.

Locals saw the strange weather as some sort of omen that would lead to everything from an earthquake to a big storm.

In reality neither disaster occurred in Fethiye to our knowledge and most people were happy to just sit out and enjoy a bit of warm weather for a change.

Temperatures are expected to drop a little today with sunshine in the first half of the day and showers expected towards the evening.