Sunday was an amazingly clear day with temperatures over 20 degrees centigrade providing an early taste of spring.

The thunderstorm and heavy downpours of Saturday evening cleared the way for an unseasonably warm day on Sunday.

The weather provided the ideal conditions for the Calis Carnival Car Boot Sale that had been postponed from the Sunday before because of heavy rain. Crowds flocked to pick up bargains and meet up with friends at the popular event.

The strong sunshine also provided a welcome tank of piping hot water for all those with solar water heaters.

The warm weather is expected to continue through until Wednesday with day time temperatures forecast to reach 21 Degrees Centigrade (70 Degrees F) on Monday and Tuesday but expect those temperatures to be higher in sheltered spots.

Don’t let the lull in the weather make you think winter is over. March can still bring with it some storms and cold weather.