Heavy rain and hail led to localised flooding, landslips and terrible driving conditions today.

The picture above sent in by one reader shows the spectacular coastal road between Kalkan and Kas covered in a thick layer of hail and a mini waterfall cascading from the steep road side after one of the storms had passed over.

The other picture shows one of the small bays on the same road that is normally an idyllic blue discoloured by red soil brought down off the mountains.

Stormy seas off the coastal road between Kalkan and Kas 16 December 2009

Our reader was due to take the ferry to Meis but the crossing was cancelled on safety grounds by the harbourmaster who said conditions were too rough to sail.

The Fethiye area was also pelted with heavy rain storms throughout the day and it was certainly a day to stay in and keep warm and dry.

There will be a brief respite in the weather tomorrow but more rain and wind will return on Friday.