As forecast the storm arrived on schedule on Wednesday morning bringing heavy rain and strong gusts of wind throughout the day. But the severity was less than expected.

Local councils were on high alert yesterday as a result of a severe weather warning issued by the weather services. The city of Antalya had even taken the precaution of closing all the city schools to protect children from possible injury from the high winds.

However, the storm wasn’t as severe as expected and whilst it was wet and windy damage reports were few and far between.

In Fethiye minor damage occurred to a road and pavement when a tree blew over on the main street near to the turning for the Tuesday market.

The odd loose roof tile was also seen to have lifted and fallen in the wind.

The most impact many felt during the storm was either from either being awoken by the weather, getting wet going to work or cuts to their electricity supply.

The weather did stir the seas into frenzy though. The picture above shows large waves breaking on the world famous beach resort of Oludeniz yesterday morning. Thanks to keen Fethiye Times reader Stuart Aikman who braved the weather to take the photo.

Antalya schools weren’t the only one’s to heed to weather warning. The heavy seas stirred up by the winds forced many ships along the western coast of Turkey and the Greek islands to seek shelter in bays from Cesme to Fethiye and also the eastern Greek Islands.

The weather front did at least bring higher temperatures to the area. Earlier this week snow was seen on the high mountains above Tlos, Fethiye. Locals say this is the earliest they have seen snow on the mountains for many years.