The streets of Hisaronu and Oludeniz turned into rivers and the sea at Oludeniz turned red during this weeks storm as Tony and Serdal from Hisaronu show in their amazing photo album.


As we reported in our article on Monday “Fethiye Deluge Brings Bounty and Misery” four days of heavy rain resulted in flooding and damage in some areas.

The worst hit areas appear to have been Ovacik, Hisaronu and Oludeniz.

Calm after the Storm

After the four day deluge blue skies and warm winter sunshine returned on Wednesday providing a breathing space for the big clean up for those affected by the floods.

Reports of those damaged by the floods are now coming in as the big clean up takes place.

One reader in Ovacik was completely inundated with flood waters which took down their outside wall, washed away the garden, fences and plants and flooded their property with filthy water.

Luckily they are fully insured so their financial loss will be minimal.

Another living near Hisaronu found their large swimming pool to be completely full of mud and rocks as a flood swept through their garden depositing its alluvial debris.

Extensive damage has also occurred to some local roads and drains that have been washed away.

The Storm in Action readers Tony Haddow and Serdal Yilmaz from Hisaronu were on the scene during the worst of weather on Monday.

Luckily Tony and Serdal survived what looked to be appalling conditions to bring us an amazing set of photos and video of the area.

You can see all the photos by clicking on this link.

Absent Owners Should Check In

If you are a property owner in the area but have left your place empty during the winter make sure you get friends, neighbours or an agency to keep an eye on it.

Small leaks can quickly turn in to expensive problems but flooding can cause extensive and costly damage.

The last thing you’ll want is to return to your place in the spring/summer to find it ruined by the winter weather.