Although many think Fethiye is at its best when it’s hot and sunny,

at this time of year, when the weather is full of surprises, it can still be

pretty special.

It was mostly sunny but with a very cold wind
It was mostly sunny but with a very cold wind

Thursday was Fethiye’s coldest day so far this winter.

Clear, bright but rather chilly

Of course it was still amazing just to look at or for taking photographs.

There’s something very special about the clear, bright panoramas

and snow capped mountains.

Woolly hat weather comes to Fethiye
Fethiye’s snow capped mountains

However, woolly hats, thick coats and plentiful glasses of hot Turkish tea,

were definitely the order of the day.

This guy's got the right idea
This guy’s got the right idea

Even though it was sunny for the most part, a north wind dragged temperatures

down to somewhere near freezing and they are expected to fall even further in the night.

It’s warmer at sea!

The higher temperatures at sea meant it was probably warmer on a boat rather on the land.

Woolly hat weather comes to Fethiye

Probably better not give it a try though, as even in the harbour it looks choppy.

Woolly hat weather comes to Fethiye
Choppy waters in Fethiye harbour

Heavy snow in Istanbul

There has been snow in many parts of Turkey over the past few days and Istanbul

have experienced the heaviest falls this winter.

Click here to see some wonderful pictures of the city under a blanket of snow.

Keep the chills away with ‘five a day’

Fortunately the everyday market is full of wonderful fruit and vegetables as usual.

So if you are lucky enough to be in Fethiye there’s no excuse for not getting your

‘five a day’ and there’s masses of vitamin C in all of this to keeping colds and flu at bay.

Woolly hat weather comes to Fethiye
Fethiye’s every day market in February


Winter sunset
February sunset