Last week we ran a story about the Turkish Storm Calendar, listing the dates when bad weather is predicted.

Fethiye rain

We have only just started to keep a record of stormy weather in this region but it already seems that the ancient almanac may well be more accurate than one would expect.

Turkish Storm Calendar

The Turkish Coastal Storm Calendar is based on the ancient Coptic Storm Calendar and has been used for at least two hundred years in this part of the world.

More unsettled weather is due over the next few days
More unsettled weather is due over the next few days

It is an aid to farmers and mariners and is based on hundreds of years of weather watching, suggesting that there patterns in the apparent chaos of weather.

Significant weather events are listed and taken seriously enough to be in the Turkish Sailing Pilot.

Some sailing websites include it in their information for sailors.

Forecasted storms arrived

6 December – A north wind will blow and no doubt temperatures will drop

7 December – Severe weather

9 December – More bad weather

19, 28 and 31 December – Storms on each day

As predicted, the most recent bout of stormy weather started in the early hours of Sunday 7th December with a short, sharp thunder storm.

weather forecast1cweather forecast

Rain held off during the day but started again in the evening and continued into Monday 8th with thunder announcing more storms that evening.

There have been reports in the media of torrential rain in the Antalya region, destructive flash-floods and high winds in many parts of Turkey and tragic deaths have been reported.

The bad weather has continued, with Tuesday having heavy rain and it looks like there will be no respite from the bad weather for the next few days.

Looking back over the years

Admittedly we haven’t been recording weather events for long and only post stories when things get serious but we noticed this.

Perhaps there is a kind of order in the chaos after all.