With only a few days left before December arrives, it can be a bit chilly in Fethiye, especially when there is an icy wind blowing off the snow-covered mountains.

Chilly nights

This wind is called Poyraz and although refreshing in the summer at this time of year it means the temperatures drop considerably, especially at night.

Fethiye in december

This wind takes its name from Boreas, the Ancient Greek God of the north wind.

Sunny days

Fethiye in December: chilly but sunny

Out of the wind though, in the daytime it can still be warm and pleasant as there is still some strength in the sunshine.

Crisp and clear

Fethiye in December: chilly but sunny

The air is crisp and clear making it one of the best times of year for enjoying some wonderful panoramas.

Wooly warmers


Fethiye in december

But now is definitely the time to get out winter woolies and invest in some good, thick socks!

And on Tuesday the weather forecast is predicting rain.

Hopefully it won’t be as heavy as last week.