Rain was forecasted for Thursday.

Even so it was a surprise, and an unpleasant one at that for many shopkeepers in the centre of Fethiye, when the water level began to rise…

The heaviest rain this year… so far

With thunder and lightening adding to the drama, the skies darkened and the mountain scenery disappeared…

You couldn’t see your nose in front of your face.

Then the heaven’s well and truly opened.

The local press reported that in two hours an astounding 95 kilos of rain fell per square metre.

That’s some rainfall!
Fethiye weather shock

Chaos ‘rained’ in Fethiye town centre

The FT team decided not to brave the elements… The town was half a metre under water and getting worse

But some kind people have allowed their photographs to be used and the rest come from the council’s press office.

‘Never seen anything like it for thirty years!’

Well that’s what the man said when interviewed for this film, although we think there has been many such occasions.

However, not since the new drains were installed.

Perhaps they hadn’t been cleaned for a while… but to be fair the quantity of water was just too much for them…

Our rainy day gallery


Fethiye Floods 3

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fethiye floods

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Thankfully, the rain finally stopped…

Fethiye weather shock

Fethiye weather shock


and by tea time the sun was shining again…

Fethiye weather shock