Our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area this week includes two Brits die on local beaches, turtles arrive to lay eggs, health experts urge citizens to drink more during heatwave and more.

Double Tragedy on Local Beaches

Belcekiz Beach and Kumburnu Beach, Oludeinz

Two British males died last week within 15 minutes of each other in the sea off local beaches.

According to local reports the first event occurred at 15:30 on 27th June when 57 year-old Anthony Gissing on holiday from Northern Ireland entered the sea off Belcekiz Beach, Oludeniz. It was reported that his wife said he had gone to cool off but a few minutes later was seen floating on the water.

His wife raised the alarm and lifeguards were soon on the scene along with emergency medical teams. He was taken by ambulance to Letoon Hospital, Fethiye where he later died.

Meanwhile it was reported that 69 year-old Martin Webb on holiday from Stockport also got into difficulties in the water off Kumburnu Beach.

Despite intervention from lifeguards and medical teams he died.

Both cases have been referred to Fethiye Public Prosecutor’s Officer and the bodies sent to Mugla Institute of Forensic Medicine due to the nature of the deaths.

Turtles Arrive to Lay Eggs on Popular Beaches

Calis Beach, Fethiye

The beaches along the Fethiye coastline are some of the most important for the incubation of the turtle eggs.

Loggerhead Turtles started to arrive on Calis Beach earlier this week to lay their eggs.

They arrive at night, travel up the beach, and dig a large hole in which they then lay up to 100 eggs and then cover them and return to the sea.

Crowds gathered to watch one of the first turtles to arrive on the beach.

The eggs will incubate for two months after which the young turtles will burrow out of the hole and head for the sea.

School Donates Books to Needy

Karagozler, Fethiye

Students from Yunus Nadi School in Fethiye dispatched children’s books to schools in the Van area of Turkey last week.

The books had been donated by students and their families.

Official Advice – Drink More!

Central Fethiye

With day time temperatures now hitting 40 degrees centigrade the Director of Health in Fethiye advised citizens to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration in the hot weather.

He recommended at least 2.5 litres of water is consumed a day.

He said that citizens should not include caffeinated, sugary, fizzy or alcoholic drinks in that quota as they disrupt the balance of the body.

Hospitals and health clinics will be bracing themselves for the start of the holy month of Ramazan next week when cases of dehydration will no doubt peak as a result of the fast.



Cat-a-Tonic? www.fethiyetimes.com

And finally, the heat seems to be affecting our furry friends too.

A local school boy was pictured in the press last week with his pet cat as it licked an ice cream.

The boy had taken in the cat as a kitten after finding it on the street and said it liked to chill with the flavours.

But a local vet warned that pet owners should avoid giving their pets sugary foods such as ice cream as it can lead to obesity and dental problems. He also warned that chocolate (cocoa) is a poison to many animals and excessive amounts can poison them due to the alkaloid content.