Our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area this week includes shop keeper robbed for a third time, truck driver dies following accident on the Kayakoy road and more.

Truck Driver Dies on Kayakoy Road

Debboy, Fethiye

The driver of a 5 tonne truck carrying building materials died when his vehicle tumbled 12 metres into a dry river bed last week.

The accident occurred on the road between Fethiye and Kayakoy around 200 metres from the castle which a deep dry river bed runs alongside this steep section of the road.

The emergency services were altered by passers by and when they arrived they found the driver under the cab of the vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Visually Impaired Citizens Protest

Central Fethiye

Members of the Fethiye Association of the Blind (Alti Nokta Korler Dernegi) took to the streets of Fethiye this week to protest at the creeping clutter on the streets.

Two years ago a number of streets in central Fethiye were pedestrianised which made it easier for the visually impaired to move around but slowly the streets have become cluttered.

The group are particularly concerned by the increasing numbers of tables and chairs being placed on the street.

Members of the association were accompanied as they walked around the town by students so they could understand the problems faced by those with impaired vision.

1957 Earthquake Remembered

Central Fethiye

The 56th anniversary of the earthquake that caused significant damage to Fethiye and surrounding villages was marked this week in Fethiye.

The initial 6.2 quake took place at 21:17 on the 24th April 1957 followed by a 7.1 at 4:26 the following day that lasted 60 seconds.

It was the latter quake that almost destroyed the whole town. Luckily the first quake had motivated the then governor of the town to order an immediate evacuation and as a result the loss of life was 67.

A photographic exhibition showing the aftermath of the quake was opened at the Cultural Centre by the current Governor of Fethiye.

Plaques were handed out to members of the emergency services who had helped with medical and other responses arising from the earthquake that occurred last year.


Kemer Shop Robbed Again

Kemer, Fethiye

It was third time unlucky for a Kemer shopkeep last week who was robbed for the third time.

Burglars were recorded on the shops CCTV system entering the shop at 3:10am and leaving 17 minutes later with bags of swag. They were wearing ski masks to hide their faces.

They made off with over 5,000 TL worth of cigarettes and other goods making their get-a-way in a stolen vehicle.

The shop owner said he would be increasing his security measures to prevent another event.