The results of the Fethiye mayoral election show that personality rather than politics won the hearts of voters in Fethiye who have returned Behcet Saatci for his 4th term.

The local elections passed without any major incident for the vast majority of the 59 million Turkish registered voters on Sunday 30 March and the population was mostly upbeat and respectful despite all the recent national political wrangling.

Initial celebrations on Sunday night and early Monday were based on unofficial results and we are still awaiting the final confirmation. However, this is likely to be his 4th term as Mayor.

He seems to have won the position of Mayor of Fethiye with 33.0% of the vote. Keramettin Yilmaz (CHP) former Mayor of Oludeniz came second with 28.9% of the vote. 82.6% of the population turned out to vote.

The victory of Behçet shows that personality rather than politics won the hearts of voters in Fethiye.

Nearby in Seydikemer (formerly Kemer) Yakup Otgöz of the AKP won with 40.6% of the vote. Second was Alim Karaca (CHP) with 36.3%. The turnout was 93.6%.

The contest for the new Buyuksehir of Mugla was won by Osman Gürün of the CHP with 49.6% of the vote, second was Mansur Harmandar of the AKP with 28.5%.

The results from the other key resort towns in Mugla were as follows:

Marmaris mayor will be Mohammed Ali Acer (CHP) who won with 49.6% of the vote. Second was Ali Dogan Tugay with 35.2% of the vote. 99.5% of the population voted in Marmaris.

Bodrum mayor will be Mehmet Kocadon (CHP) who won with 50.8% of the vote. Second was Mehmet Tosun (MHP) with 36.4%.

All results are unofficial until confirmed by the Turkish Election Authority.

Time to Vote

Despite the Turkish Governments actions to delay the changing to summer time to help maximise voters ability to vote apparently some turned up to the polling stations earlier than planned.

It seems that smart phones, tablets and computers did not know about the Turkish time ruling and updated automatically leading their owners into a different timezone!