Turkey will delay the change to summer time that was due to take place on 30th March because of the important local elections that will take place that day.

Countries within Europe will spring forward for summer time on Sunday 30th March, the last Sunday in the month.

However, the Turkish Republic is delaying their time change by one day due to important local elections that are taking place on that Sunday.

It is thought that the move will save any absent minded voters missing out at the polls because of the time change.

In (2011) Turkey temporarily moved the day the clocks changed forward by 1 day to allow children who were due to take national exams to be unaffected by the loss of an hours sleep.

The clocks will therefore spring forward one hour one day later than everyone else at 3am.

Turkey is currently within the Eastern European Time (EET) zone as observed in countries including Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Kaliningrad(Russia) and Ukraine.

EET is UTC or Grenwich Mean Time +2 hours.