There are lots of happy smiling children in the Kemer area following the recent completion of two 3C’s projects.

Two village schools, Ören located north of Kemer near the beautiful Ören river with its trout farms and fish restaurants, and Bağlıağaç located high above the Saklikent road, had applied a few months ago to the 3C’s children’s charity for assistance in providing playground equipment.

The young children at Ören had no outside play equipment and the teachers from the school had to walk the children half a mile along a narrow road to use the equipment in the village centre.

Bağlıağaç, although it has a large outside playground, had a dilapidated old metal slide, two basketball posts and nothing else.

Following initial visits to the two schools, the Çalış based children’s charity agreed to purchase two full sets of playground equipment for the children.

The purpose made equipment included slides, swings and see-saws.

They also decided to buy a volleyball net and balls and basketballs for Bağlıağaç and provided a set of encyclopedia and other books for Ören.

Some members of the 3C’s committee and volunteers recently returned to the two schools to check on their purchases and were greeted by lots of happy children, delighted in showing off their new playground equipment.

The equipment at Bağlıağaç is being put to particularly good use because, as there is no playground in the village, all of the children and those from the neighbouring village are using it.

The headmasters of the two schools presented the committee with plaques to show their appreciation and, whilst at Ören, 3C’s members enjoyed a delicious trout lunch at one of the many riverside fish restaurants on the banks of the river.

At Bağlıağaç the 3C’s visitors were treated to a delicious lunch at the school prepared by the parents of the pupils.

These two projects which totaled 10,000 TL are just two of many 3C’s projects that’s are nearing completion