Three schools in the Uzumlu area have recently benefited from 3C’s fundraising.

Last year Uzumlu village school, had applied to the Çalış based Children’s charity for a sound system.The school children regularly perform folk dances at the school but their only source of music was a teacher’s CD player and for larger events they had to hire in a system each time, taking valuable money away from other needs. The school had wanted to purchase a system for a long while but could not afford to do so. They also asked if it was possible for the 3C’s group to provide a puppet theatre and puppets for their nursery class and a printer for their computer.

On visiting the school, the 3C’s group realized how important the sound system was to the school and to the village and when they realized that it would be shared jointly with the middle school, so that the children at the two schools would be benefit; they agreed to purchase the system. A few weeks later, after consulting with 3C’s supporters, Star Elektronik in Fethiye, they purchased a professional system suitable for the schools needs. They also purchased the puppet theatre and puppets and provided a printer that had been donated by a 3C’s supporter.

Recently 3C’s members and volunteers visited the school to check out their purchases and to meet the children. During their visit they were presented with a framed certificate of thanks by the school and have been advised that they will shortly be invited to attend one of their folk dance shows.

A third school in the Uzumlu area to recently benefit from the 3C’s fundraising is İncirköy village school. The 130 children at the school were very cold over the winter months and the school asked if it was possible to have new sobas fitted. During the school holiday in January six sobas were installed in the classrooms so the children were nice and toasty warm when they returned to school.

The above completed projects which total 5,000 TL are just some of the numerous projects that the 3C’s charity is currently funding.