On location filming for a new film called the Water Diviner starts today in Istanbul and will move down to KayaKoy near Fethiye in March.

The film is directed by and co-starts Russell Crowe and will also feature stars of the Turkish screen Yilmaz Erdogan and Cem Yilmaz.

Crowe plays an Australian farmer who travels to Istanbul four years after the first world war and savage battle at Gallipoli to discover the fate of his soldier sons.

Once in Turkey he forges a relationship with a beautiful Turkish woman.

The film is the first for Crowe’s Fear of God Film company.

Filiming on location will start tomorrow in Istanbul and move to Kayakoy in March as part of a three week production schedule.

No Stranger to Fethiye

Russell Crowe visited Fethiye in early October last year as reported on Fethiye Times.

He posted pictures via Twitter (@russellcrowe) of himself at some of the areas main attractions including KayaKoy and Tlos.

On one Tweet of a picture of the theatre at Tlos he wrote “reminds me of something”.

The actor was reported to have stayed at the popular Yacht Classic Hotel in downtown Fethiye.