Animal Aid are desperately seeking a new home for Wesley a 20 month old male dog. Can you help?

Wesley was found when he was a week old and cared for by Animal Aid volunteers until he was strong enough to go to a foster carer.

A foster carer was found and he started his new life there, he soon melted their hearts and they decided to keep him long term.

Unfortunately for Wesley he was attacked by the owners other dog and sustained some injuries.

Doing Well

Wesley is currently doing really well and is safe with another foster family.

His injuries are healing and his appetite has now returned, we are sure he will be back to full fitness very soon.

Michelle one of Animal Aid’s valued foster carers is getting to know Wesley’s personality said “He is a lovely dog who just wants to be loved and give love in return. He so deserves a second chance of a permanent and caring home.

After all Wesley has been through Animal Aid feel he would prefer a home without any other dogs.

Wesley Speaks

Wesley was recently interviewed by Animal Aid and this is what he had to say….

“Hello I’m Wesley I quite like my name but if you would like to change it to George Clooney or Brad Pitt that’s cool with me. People keep telling me I am a handsome boy, I think so too when I see myself in the mirror. Some of my hobbies include watching dog food adverts on TV, listening to music, I like Bach.”

Homeless After 8th March

“When I was a very small pup I was loved and adored and bottle fed by an Animal Aid carer. She got me well and strong and then I went to my new home. I was very happy and content there until I was bitten by the dogs I lived with. I spent some time at the vet but this made me sad and depressed and I really didn’t want to eat. I missed all my home comforts, being stroked, talked to, walked, played with, cuddled. I lost some weight and because I was so sad the Animal Aid team were very concerned about me and knew I needed to leave the vets and be in a home environment. This is where I am now…but lovely Michelle can only care for me until 8th March.”

“If you could be kind enough to commit yourself to me for my lifetime I would be indebted to you. In return you have my loyalty, love and friendship unconditionally. I will be waiting to hear from one of you kind readers.”

Contact Us

Contact Animal Aid to meet me by either email, Facebook Animal Aid Group Fethiye or via the Animal Aid shop at Selim Gunday Cad, Gunlukbasi. Thank you for reading about me……look at the photos of me.