Jeanette Nelson’s telephone line has been down for six weeks due to the negligence of a lorry driver and is fed up with being fobbed of by the telephone company.

She wrote to Fethiye times to explain her situation and to ask if any of our readers have a solution to her problem.

Cut Off 7 Times

“We have been living here now for 4 years and in that time we have had considerable problems with our utility services. To date our electricity, water and telephone have been dug up or pulled down by contractors or their vehicles 7 times due to the building of various villas here in our locality.

The latest was outage was 6 weeks ago when we came back to find that there were 4/5 telephone poles down in a line. Apparently a lorry caught the cable and pulled the whole lot tumbling down.”

Still Paying

“Six weeks on and we still have no telephone or internet but are still being charged for the service.

We have been to the Turk Telecom office in Fethiye countless times, visited the village leader (Muhtah) who has complained on our behalf and have been to the local council but sadly all to no effect.”


“We feel have been fobbed off with different excuses ranging from the cable in Fethiye was stolen to they have 1,000’s of jobs in other places so have no capacity.”

Jeanette continued:

“I think that 6 weeks is quite long enough for them to sort out our problem. The internet and telephone are important to most people but especially when, like us, you need to keep in touch with your friends and family in the UK.”

So What Can Be Done?

It seems Jeanette has reached the wall when it comes to complaining so she is asking readers if they can help.

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