In our recent article we reported that Kenan Evren street was being renamed to Mustafa Karaören. But who is he and why is a Fethiye street being named after him?

Members of Fethiye Council voted 12 to 7 in favour of renaming the Tuzla street recently.

The street known as Kenan Evren Avenue is to be renamed Mustafa Karaören Avenue.

The street located down the road from Migros is one of the named and therefore key artery roads around town linking through to the Mugla roundabout near the bus station.

The renaming of a street is part of a number of actions that are being taken to put an end to a bitter chapter in the Republics history, the 1980 bloody coup d’état and ensuing troubles.

So who is Mustafa Karaören and why is a street being named after him?

We found out that he was the father of local lady who donated 580m2 of land to Fethiye Council back in 1993.

She struck an agreement with the Council that she would donate the land if the Council would name a street after her father.

But the change never happened and the agreement got lost in the mists of time.

Until last week that is when the Council voted to change the name of the street to his name.

Mustafa Karaören will now join some of the great and good who have names on street signs around Fethiye.