A new sea plane service began last month between Izmit and Istanbul paving the way for further routes within Turkey.

A few weeks ago we reported that sea planes could use Fethiye Bay as an airport thanks to new rules announced by the Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

The permission opens up the opportunity for operators to run scenic tours and domestic travel all along the Turkish coast and lakes.

One company Seabird Airlines has already started and is operating a new route between Izmit and Istanbul.

The 22 minute flight will save around 2 hours per leg against the same road journey and should appeal to business travellers.

With prices ranging from 97 TL to 157 TL one-way the service should be popular and may even become a tourist attraction too.

The company also has plans to fly to other destinations in 2013 including:

• İstanbul – Alaçatı

• Alaçatı – Bodrum

• İstanbul – Bozcaada

• İstanbul – Gemlik

• İstanbul – Kocaeli

Flights to and from Fethiye might be just outside the range of the sea planes but we could find flights linking to Bodrum and beyond one day.

The Bodrum – Istanbul flight will take 2 hours and carry 10 passengers.

Ready for an amazing experience? Then Seabird Airlines are waiting to hear from you. For more information check out their website here.