Bemused visitors to Calis on New Year’s Day could be forgiven for thinking they were still suffering the after effects of the previous evening’s celebrations as they watched 1920’s flappers, Ali Baba, other bizarre characters and a giant Christmas present throw themselves into the sea.

But it was only the annual fancy dress charity splash organized by Calis Children’s charity, the 3C’s.

Around 100 spectators as well as a film crew turned up to watch the fun as the brave splashers raced into the waves and submerged themselves for a full five minutes in the cold sea to raise money for the charity.

Although splasher numbers were down this year, with most people preferring to watch then get wet, those that did take part were treated to free hot soup courtesy of the owners of Eyna Restaurant.

Well done to all those who took part!

Nappy New Year!

Ready, steady?



Well done

Hit the sky! Champs.


And the crowd watched on…..