Jenny Phelps of Animal Aid writes about the work of the local animal charity, highlights of the year and plans for the future.

Well!! What an amazing year Animal Aid had! Many new ventures, the opening of our shop and a record year in fundraising!

New Committee

In January 2013 the original founders of Animal Aid decided to add new blood into their already hard working group. They wanted some more volunteers with skills that could move Animal Aid forward as a growing organisation, and to assist with the increasing work load. A new committee was formed and after many meetings an agenda and action plan was in place.

Immediately a new leaflet was created outlining exactly who Animal Aid is, clearly explaining the work we do and how it is achieved. A Mission Statement was written to clarify our aims and objectives.

The two main initiatives at the beginning of the year were the Summer Stand and the Newsletter. The Summer Stand proved a great success and informed tourists as well as locals about our mission in Calis and the surrounding area. We met some lovely people who made us aware of animals that needed our help. It also brought to us a new source of income raising a magnificent 3,512.30 TL.

Waggy Tails

Our Newsletter ‘Waggy Tales’ named by our competition winner Rod Freeman, was created and is compiled by a committee member Teresa Church. Our first issue was sent to over 300 recipients in late August. It is a quarterly Newsletter and is full of information on current projects, follow up stories on animals we have helped, events, fundraising, dates for your diary also a financial section. Our second issue is due out this month, if you would like to be added to our mailing list please add ‘NEWSLETTER’ in the subject box and email to


The introduction of a Paypal account this year has encouraged donations from around the world and adds greatly to our finances. We would like to thank our fabulous supporters that have donated via this method. Currently on facebook – Animal Aid Group Fethiye you will see a pinned post. It was suggested by a facebook member that member’s might like to donate £1 on a monthly basis via Paypal. After receiving a positive response to our posting, the link is now available – it couldn’t be easier.

We have continued with our monthly events throughout the year. The events alone raise in excess of 18,000 TL a year. All our events have been successful. However, some even more so with tickets being sold out weeks before the event. Animal Aid will most definitely be repeating The Ascot Race Night, Beach Party and The Halloween Party!! We would like to thank all our valued supporters for attending our events.

Shop Opens

On 12th October 2013 we were pleased to open our long awaited shop. Joint founder of Animal Aid Terrie Harrison had been eager for some time to open a shop. Terrie organises the table top sales, car boots and the Turkish 2nd hand market stall and needed a base from where the charity could operate more effectively. The shop was the answer to Terrie’s dreams! It has been a great success and is popular with locals as well as the ex pat community.

Feeding Stations

As the year progressed, more ideas came forward at our monthly committee meetings. Pauline Trent and her friend and colleague Pauline Staves brought to our attention the urgent need for feeding stations. Due to the almighty influx of kittens and cats that needed protection over the winter months, we immediately got to work. An appeal for DIY experts was made in October. Several dedicated volunteers came forward and within a short space of time many ‘grand villas’ and ‘pods’ were erected. The cats are visited on a daily basis by volunteers who provide them with dry food and water. Thank you to the volunteers that gave their time and efforts to the project, and to those that supplied materials.

Make a Date

Do you own an Animal Aid calendar?? The calendar consists of photos of local street animals, some looking for homes and others fortunate enough to have been homed already. Each month is sponsored by a local company – thank you to those sponsors! The calendars are only 5 lira each and have nearly sold out!!


Your continued support is heart warming and has enabled us to achieve the success we currently have. Our growth has created opportunities for new volunteers on a continuous basis in many areas. We always welcome new faces so please contact us if you would like to be part of an animal loving volunteer group.

Looking Forward

We at Animal Aid are looking forward to another happy and prosperous new year. Our aim as always is to help as many poorly and injured street animals in our area. We would like to continue to provide this service to our local street animals and with your support we can do this.

The Animal Aid review of the year would like to end by remembering a lovely man and volunteer Chris Bliss who passed away recently, he will be sadly missed by all of us.

Everyone on the Animal Aid Team and all our valued volunteers would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!