Two local ladies are planning to pound the streets of Antalya in “Runtalya”, the 9th International ÖGER Antalya Half Marathon, to raise money for local children.

The two energetic ladies, who are both of a certain age, are taking part in “Runtalya”, the 9th International ÖGER Antalya Half Marathon, which takes place on Sunday 2 March, 2014.

The race route which starts from the centre of the city, follows the beautiful Antalya coastline to Lara Beach and the half marathon section of the marathon route, which is being run the same day, covers a distance of 21.0975 kms.

For Patricia Meldrum who moved to Yesil Uzumlu with her husband from Northern Cyprus 18 months ago, it is her first attempt at a half marathon.

Patricia Meldrum

Pat who started running 10 years ago to build up her stamina and endurance to tackle a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro soon caught the “running bug”.

She already has a few 10 kms runs under her belt, including last year’s 10 km Antalya race which is ran over part of the same course, but at over double the distance, the 2014 race will be really stretching her.

“My friend Renate who I have been running with since May suggested we train together for the Antalya half marathon next year.



I knew that this would be a real challenge for me, never having run this distance and I knew if I committed to raising some money for my favourite charities, it would increase my motivation even more.

I would like to get some sponsorship for the 3C’s in Çalış, as I am so impressed by the wonderful things the charity has done for the children here.

I am also going to set up a separate sponsorship site for McMillan Nurses/Hospices for my UK friends & family, as this charity is close to our hearts too”

German born Renate Koker is also running to raise money for the Çalış based children’s charity that funds projects to help disadvantaged local youngsters and poorer schools in the Fethiye area.

Renate, who has lived in Fethiye with her Turkish husband since 1980, is a keen runner but has never raced in Turkey.

“I can’t remember when I started to run. I just run for fun and fitness” said Renate.

In Training

In 2004 Renate and her husband moved away to Canada for 7 years where she joined the “Running Room” and undertook a training programme to prepare herself for races in Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo (Vancouver Island).

Now back in Fethiye, she continues to run to this training schedule

Eye of the Tiger

The two energetic ladies have now started their 17 week preparation for the half marathon which involves running four days a week, cross training (cycling and power walking) one day a week and two days rest.


If you would like to sponsor Pat and Renate in their valiant fundraising effort please email or drop into the 3C’s charity shop at the Eyna restaurant on Çalış seafront (open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11.00 am to 2.00 pm) and sign their sponsor form.


  1. Hallo Renate!
    Super gemacht. Leider habe ich keine E- mailadresse von dir. Wäre schön, wenn ich von dir -euch mal was höre.
    Liebe Grüße aus Piesendorf (Salzburg) senden Margot, Ferdinand, Katrin und Bernd