Paragliding got a big boost last week when great numbers and a big investment to improve infrastructure and extend the season were announced.

The Babadag mountain towers almost 2km above the coastal resort of Oludeniz, Fethiye.

The mountain is the location and launch site for the popular aerial sport of paragliding.

There are many sites in the world where pilots can paraglide, but very few can offer the unique experience of this location where one can jump from 1,900 metres and land on the beach some 45 minutes later.

Whilst the site is an international magnet for the solo paraglider it is also a ‘never to be forgotten’ experience for the holiday maker who can fly tandem with experienced and skillful pilots.

Flight Numbers Reach 75k

The 2013 launch statistics that were released last week and they made interesting reading.

Jumps were up 15,000 on the same time in 2012. The total jumps have now hit heady heights with a whopping 75,000.


On the back of this great news the Fethiye Chamber of Commerce announced last week a 1 million TL investment to be used on the roads and a new launch site.

Cafe Babadag, Oludeniz

The money will be used to make up 4 km of the approach road that is currently dirt road and the building of a new launch site at 1,200 meters.

That launch site will complement the three others at 1,800m, 1,700m and 900m and, it is hoped, that this new launch site will extend the paragliding season further.

So, its up, up and away for paragliding in 2014.