Perihan Agnelli writes about the recent travels with the innovative and recently refurbished Fethiye Mobile Animal Clinic.


Following the Bayram Holiday period, on 21st October our Mobile Clinic program continued with a visit to Yesiluzumlu, 15 kms from Fetihye

A tranquil town set in a beautiful green valley, it is a popular area for English retirees and holiday home owners. The area is famous for its viticulture and nearby ancient Lycian city of Cadianda.

Our English friends were very helpful with catching the animals for Ozgur our vet to neuter and vaccinate.

There were more animals than could be managed in one day so we returned the next day and a further visit on 1st November. In total, 11 dogs and 22 cats were treated.


We had been to Kemer on 9th October and our English friend Ishac had asked us to return as they had rounded up some more dogs, so on 28th October we again set up in the town centre.

We were disappointed that the local municipality did not assist in the catching of stray dogs and it was left to Ishac and his English friends to do the work. Nevertheless, 8 female and 1 male dogs were neutered and vaccinated by Ozgur.

Calis, Fethiye

Calis is a suburb of Fethiye and famous for its beach and adjacent 2.5 km strip of hotels, bars and restaurants. It is also the venue for many fundraising activities for underprivileged children and other good causes, one of which, Animal Aid, is pertinent to our animal activities.

Andy and Pauline Trent are joint founder members of Animal Aid and we set up alongside their house on 29th October for a short visit to neuter and vaccinate 5 cats and 1 dog.


On 30th October we again made a return visit to a previous town, Kadikoy, where Ozgur neutered and vaccinated 7 dogs and 1 cat.

As always, the local school-children find something out of the ordinary to investigate.

We are happy to let them know what we are doing and why it is important.

Kumluova and Karidere

These towns are in close proximity and our visit there was over a period of 2 days, 4th and 5th November, where 14 dogs and 1 cat were treated. These towns are in the centre of the tomato growing region near the famous Patara Beach and ancient Lycian city of Xanthos.

The local Mayor was very supportive of our work and gave us invaluable assistance, as did a local farmer who used his tractor to bring us some strays from near his farm.

Our visit coincided with a visit to the town by the Regional Governor of Mugla who took time off his busy schedule to come and see how our Mobile Clinic operates. He gave us the official permit to work with the Mobile Clinic and this was a good opportunity for him to see the neutering program in action. He was very impressed!

The Governor was surprised to see the dogs after their operation on the back of a trailer and I explained that the farmer was taking them back to his farm to look after them.

Olu Deniz

Perhaps the most well-known of all holiday areas in Turkey and famous for its beach and paragliding activities from nearby Babadag mountain, the town was our next venue on 6th and 7th November.

The local municipality were very helpful in catching the stray dogs and a group of English residents of the area brought stray cats for our vet Ozgur to neuter and vaccinate 9 dogs and 21 cats.

My grateful thanks to our staff and all our helpers.

Perihan Agnelli