Fethiye District Police Department are warning driver to watch their speed or suffer a fine as they extend their speed enforcement teams to cover more of the towns busy roads for longer.

The local deputy police chief has announced a crack down on speeding motorists following a number of serious road incidents where excessive speed and inattention were the main contributors.

He has extended the number and duration of radar speed checks on key roads in and around Fethiye day and night.

The deputy reminded drivers that the speed limit in town is 50 kmph. His teams allow a tolerance of 10 per cent over that limit but any speed of 56 kmph or over will receive a fine.

A new speed limit of 70 kmph has been introduced on the ring road but, be warned, that limit is reduced to 50 kmph near to pedestrian crossings.

He also warned drivers that the law regarding radar speed enforcement has now changed and the Police no longer need to post a warning sign to alert drivers.