A man in a flight suit jumped from a tandem paraglider above the skies of Oludeniz last week and you can watch the video here.

Mehmet Susam, a Turkish heart surgeon, made the jump after taking off with a paraglider from the 1,900 meter Babadag mountain above Oludeniz.

His flight suit which is made from special fabric has wings built in to it so that the wearer can manoeuvre whilst falling through the air at speeds of up to 240 km/ph.

He launched from the paraglider at 1,400 metres and then flew until 150 meters at which point he opened his parachute and descended safely to the beach.

Mehmet is no stranger to this type of flight. Earlier in the year he donned his 2,500 USD suit and jumped from a plane at 4,500 metres.