In this weeks round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Kayakoy and area includes Festival of the Sacrifice snippets, wet road danger, safe landing and more.

Sacrificial Livestock Sellers Complain of Poor Sales

Catalarık, Fethiye

The three day Festival of the Sacrifice began last Tuesday and livestock sellers set up their usual market on the Fethiye Council site at Catalarık.

According to local reports sacrificial sheep and goats, many that had been brought in from neighbouring provinces, were on offer for between 500 and 800 TL.

But market traders complained that sales were low.

Bayram Butchers Flock to A and E

Fethiye Area

Sales of sacrificial animals may have been low but the annual procession of injured bayram butchers to local medical facilities for cuts and wounds were not.

The local press stationed themselves outside the state hospital A and E department and watched as the walking wounded traipsed in with various forms of wounds dressed in a wide variety of home made bandages.

Most injuries were reported to be to the hands and legs.

All of these injuries, except those to the male ego, could have been avoided if they had used the cheap Fethiye Council Bayram butchery services set up especially for the festival.

Bayram Boosts End of Season Visitors

Fethiye Area

The October mini heat-wave continued over the Festival of the Sacrifice holiday last week.

All the resorts from Fethiye to Bodrum were reported to be busy with tourists from Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara.

Wet Road Danger


A head on collision between two vehicles on the road between Kemer and Kalkan at the village of Çukurincir left one person dead and three injured.

The road was wet after over night rain and was reported could have been a contributing factor for the collision.

The Jandarma are investigating the incident.

Acrobatic Stunt Lands Pilot in the Sea

A Russian paraglider had to deploy his emergency chute after an acrobatic stunt went wrong and his chute collapsed.

He deployed an emergency chute that slowed the 35 year old man’s descent so well that he received no injuries despite landing in the sea.


Animal Aid Shop Opens

Calis, Fethiye

The opening of the new Animal Aid second hand shop in Calis was reported in the local Turkish press.

They reported that the shop will open 4 days a week and will sell second hand clothes and other items to support stray animals.

And Finally

Oludeniz, Fethiye

Starting on Tuesday the skies above Oludeniz, Turkey will be full of bright and exciting chutes and even some novelty aircraft next week as the 14th Oludeniz Airgames launches another five day event.