In this weeks round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Kayakoy and area includes Fethiye Mayor in hot water, Hollywood star visits Fethiye, drivers asked to stop honking and more.

Fethiye Mayor Faces Disciplinary Hearing for Controversial Bayram Message

Central Fethiye

The Mayor of Fethiye Behcet Saatci hit the local and national headlines last week when it was reported that posters he had authorised to be put up around town for Kurban Bayram included sentences in Turkish and also that of the Kurdish language.

It is reported that the message was a criticism of the Governments latest democracy reforms that will allow Kurdish to be used as a primary language of education in private schools.

The story soon hit the national headlines when the Mayors political party, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), stated that the case had been referred to their disciplinary board because the message breaks their nationalist party principles.

By Thursday the story joined another in the national headlines also relating to the Kurdish language. The other story was about the transport minister turning down a request that airline announcements for flights leaving the south east of Turkey should be announced in Kurdish.

On Friday a political group calling themselves ‘Ülkü Ocakları’ laid a black wreath outside the Town Hall and chanted slogans calling for the resignation of the Mayor.

The Mayor watched a play in the Cultural Centre later that evening. The press pack surrounded him whilst sat and watched photographing and filming his every move. He declined to comment on the issue.

Gladiator Star Visits Fethiye

Central Fethiye

Hollywood actor Russell Crowe who starred in the film Gladiator was on holiday in Fethiye last week.

He posted pictures via Twitter (@russellcrowe) of himself at some of the areas main attractions including KayaKoy and Tlos.

On one Tweet of a picture of the theatre at Tlos he wrote “reminds me of something”.

The actor was reported to be staying at the Yacht Classic Hotel in downtown Fethiye.

He then travelled to Istanbul where he met with the Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister to discuss a new film all about Gallipoli.

Shop Keepers Ask Drivers to Stop Honking

Shop keepers who have business around the Mugla Makasi roundabout near the industrial estate have called time on honking drivers.

They say the constant honking is unnecessary and driving them mad.

So they have put up signs on the roundabout saying:

Şoför arkadaş lütfen!

Korna çalmayınız

Kavşak esnafı

“Please don’t use the horn unnecessarily.”

Whether the polite sign will be enough to curb the liberal use of the horn by drivers, who seem to treat it as a second language, remains to be seen. Toot, Toot.


English Tourists Reunited with Missing Gold Bracelet

And finally this week a nice story to warm all our hearts.

The owner of an optician shop in Fethiye found a gold bracelet in his store last week.

The gold bracelet was, according to the report, worth around 5,000 TL.

The shop owner, who welcomes many organised tours into his shop, made enquires with the tour operators to try to reunite the lost item with its owner but to no avail.

Then by chance George and Susan Wiggins, who were holidaying in Calis, came by the shop last week and asked if the owner had found a gold bracelet they had lost.

They had been on one of the organised tours and were retracing their steps to find it.

Well they struck lucky thanks to the honesty of the shop keeper and have been reunited with their lost gold bracelet.

The couple were pictured with the owner of the shop with big smiles on their faces and the bracelet in hand.