A vagabond 3C’s crew of Jack Sparrow look-alikes and their guests recently set sail from Fethiye harbour aboard pirate ship “Grand Barıs” for the wild uncharted seas of Fethiye bay in search of plunder when they embarked on their Pirates of the Mediterranean boat cruise

With pirate music, a delicious pirate meal, relaxing swim stop and gallons of the 3C’s infamous grog to smooth the troubled waters, it was a great fun day out.

The pirate cruise was organized as a thank you from the Çalış based children’s charity 3C’s to their loyal supporters so tickets were being sold at cost price.

However even though the day was not meant as a fundraiser, the charity still raised 950TL from the sale of grog and from a raffle and this money will all go towards funding projects to help disadvantaged children in the local area.

The 3C’s would not only like to thank everyone who went on the cruise, but also the captain of Grand Baris and his crew who joined in the fun.

The captain and 3C’s member Chris Ebdon actually jumped from the top of the boat to raise money for the charity.

Also big thanks to “grogmeister” George and his first mate Chris whose grog recipe still remains a close secret and also to those supporters who donated bottles of rum.