The tourist numbers for the first eight months of 2013 for the major resorts in the Turkish county of Muğla show an increase of 2 per cent over the previous period last year.

The figures that include the major resorts of Fethiye, Bodrum and Marmaris state that 2.2 millon visitors passed through its airports and harbours for the first eight months of the year.

Brits Top the List

The British hit the number one spot for those visiting the sun kissed shores and resorts with 957,000 so far.

Second are the Dutch at 198,142 followed by Russians 176,403, Germans 138,822 and in fifth place French at 105,932.

Dalaman Airport recorded 1.2 million foreign tourists entering the country. Bodrum airport recorded 726,000.

By sea Marmaris harbour was the most used with 131,000 entries. Fethiye harbour recorded 16,000.

National Picture

Whilst the British top the Mugla list the national picture is a bit different.

The total foreign visitors recorded are up 10.6 per cent compared with 2012.

August Was a Bumper Month

The figures for August alone show visitor numbers were up over 10 per cent.

Muğla came third out of the top five destinations and recorded a 12.45 per cent increase.

Table of Visitor Numbers – August 2013

1- Antalya 37.04% (1 831 985)

2- İstanbul 21.96% (1 085 988)

3- Muğla 12.45% (615 909)

4- Edirne 8.16% (403 456)

5- Artvin 4.85% (239 758)

The numbers of visitors are collated by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism using visa and other immigration information.