In this weeks round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Kayakoy and area includes solo paraglider falls to death on Babadag, three drown off local beaches and more.

First Fatality of the 2013 Season

Babadag, Oludeniz

We recently reported that the incidents of paragliding accidents involving tandem paragliders jumping from Babadag mountain had reduced following the introduction of a range of safety measures.

Unfortunately, incidents involving solo paragliders continue as demonstrated in two events, one of which was fatal, last week.

In the first incident a Turkish pilot lost control after take off and crashed onto rocks some 70 metres away from the launch site.

A military helicopter was called into rescue the man and he was airlifted to safety.

He was taken to Fethiye State Hospital where it is said he had fractures to his legs.

In the second incident on Saturday a Norwegian male solo pilot crashed and died from his injuries.

He was filmed taking off from the paved launch site after two other pilots had successfully launched.

However, as he started to fly away his parachute collapsed and he was seen falling uncontrollably.

Rescuers are reported to have tried to revive the man for over half and hour but he died.

This is the first fatality of the 2013 season.

Tent Death Mystery

Kabak, Oludeniz

A man was found dead in a tent near to the village of Kabak, Oludeniz last week. Security services were called to the scene and estimated that the male had been dead for around 4 to 5 days.

The body was taken away for forensic tests.

Two Drown on Same Day

Kumburnu and Gemiler Bay, Fethiye

Two people died on local beaches last Sunday in two separate drowning incidents.

The first victim was a Turkish student who was swimming near Kumburnu with friends. He died despite medical intervention.

The second was an Irish male holiday maker named by the local press as David Brun who was swimming at Gemiler Beach.

Both bodies have been sent to the Mugla Institute of Forensic Medicine for examination to determine the exact cause of their deaths.

And another later in the week…..

Calis Beach, Fethiye

Water safety was again highlighted later in the week when a woman died swimming off Calis Beach.

The local press suspected the woman suffered a heart attack but the body has been sent to Mugla Institute of Forensic Medicine for examination to determine the exact cause of her death.


Syrians Captured

Gemiler Bay, Fethiye

Twenty two Syrian nationals were captured as they tried to flee to the Island of Rhodes last week.

The group that include two children were captured by Oludeniz Jandarma teams before they could board a boat near Gemiler.