Animal Aid received a staggering £842 an event organised and hosted by Carol Holbrook.

Carol is a superb ambassador for Animal Aid in the UK and has raised incredible amounts of money on our behalf.

The fundraising event was held at her home on Thursday, 29th August. Carol invites her friends along and charges them each £10.

They all donate an unwanted gift that is suitable to auction. Some examples are a leather handbag, china, glassware, jewellery, juicer, vanity set just to name a few items.

Carol’s friends are so generous they often bring two gifts with them.

By turning her house into a restaurant and bar for the evening, Carol provides all the food and drink.

Carol is a vegetarian and provided a feast of vegetarian dishes – Vegetable Paella, Stuffed Mushrooms, Goat’s Cheese Lasagne, Cheesy Beanie Bake, followed by Tia Maria Cheesecake. They all sound delicious even for a meat eater!!

The evening starts with pre dinner drinks and after the food is consumed the auction begins. Carol plays her part as the auctioneer for the evening. All the donated gifts are bid upon.

To Animal Aid’s delight it was a most successful evening and we can’t thank Carol and her friend’s enough.


Pauline Trent and Theresa Harrison from Animal Aid were pleased to present Arlene from ‘Mad About Mutts’ with the sum of £500.

They were donations raised through our Paypal donations account towards the repatriation of Toots and Peggy to the UK.

We would like to thank our supporters who requested these funds to be given to such a worthy cause.