The power of the sun is now helping the Fethiye Green team to collect and transport recycling around Fethiye.

Have you seen the guys who ride around on bikes collecting recyclable materials in Fethiye?

They are the Fethiye Green Team Tri-cycle Recyclers.

The tri-cycle based vehicles enable the riders to collect large volumes of light recyclable materials from the numerous points around Fethiye and take them to the main sorting facility.

Up until recently the tri-cycles relied on human power alone. But last week saw the introduction of a new fleet of solar powered electric bikes.

Solar panels located on the top of the bikes not only collect the suns rays and turn it into power for the batteries but they also shade the rider from the sun.

With 8 months of effective sunshine in Fethiye the Council thinks the new vehicles will be efficient, effective and a real showcase for its green efforts.

The Mayor of Fethiye says this new initiative now adds sustainable energy into an already green waste collection operation.