In this weeks round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Kayakoy and area includes teenager killed by trailer, FethiyeSpor win latest match, subsidy for bumble bees and more.

Trailer Tragedy


A 19 year old motorcyclist died on Saturday after a collision with a car trailer. The trailer was $being towed by a car near the town of Seydikemer but it broke free.

The male motorcyclist was due to start his university degree the following week.

An investigation into the incident has started.

FethiyeSpor Win Four Up and Victorious

FethiyeSpor Stadium, Fethiye

PTT League 1 FethiyeSpor won their home match against Bucaspor 4 – 0.

Goals in order by player:

Artun, Emre, Ahmet, Onur Okan

Jeep Fire Quickly Extinguished

Ataturk Road, Central Fethiye

Disaster was averted last week when an open top jeep type vehicle caught fire while driving down the Main Street.

The fire started in the engine compartment.

The driver acted quickly pulling over and using his fire extinguisher.

He was also joined by shop keepers and then later the fire service.

Sowing the Seeds for the Future


The Dalaman Director of Food, Agriculture and Livestock launched a new initiative last week to diversify the crops produced in the area.

He hopes that the can extend agricultural production from the main crops of citrus, pomegranate and olives into sesame seeds too.

Sesame was a popular crop in the past but the costs of collecting the seeds proved too expensive for farmers.

New high yielding seed varieties combined with the assistance of modern machinery to harvests the crop could return it to the position of a farmers favourite.


Cash for Pollinators


Farmers can now access a subsidy to buy bumble bees for the production of greenhouse crops.

The greenhouse production system must be controlled and the farmers must sign up to a set of strict criteria for recording and controlling the crop.

Use of insects such as the bumble bee is essential for the pollination of crops within closed controlled greenhouse operations.