The Governor of Fethiye has banned the sale and release of Sky Lanterns in an effort to reduce the risk of forest fires.

The forest fires around Fethiye and Dalaman last week remind all of us of the danger or wild fires to life, limb and property.

In 1997 a ban on the use of fireworks in the district was introduced to reduce the risk of accidential fires.

But a new fire risk has now arisen.

Sky lanterns first started to be released at wedding ceremonies a couple of years ago.

At that time the airborne candles would be brought from the UK and other European locations by tourists. However, in recent times cheap imported sky lanterns have started to be sold in Fethiye.

Over the last few weeks the lanterns have started to be sold by youngsters who wander between the bars and restaurants on the Fethiye promenade.

Known also as ‘wish bubbles’ the night skies have started to fill with these flickering visual delights.

It is unclear what started the fires last week but the Fethiye Governor ordered a ban on the sale and use of the lanterns and also sparklers during the ‘fire season’ to reduce the risks of wild fires to us all.