From Architects to Zabita: Fethiye Fusion aims to provide an A to Z of administration, officialdom and procedures in Fethiye and they have a number of helpful seminars planned for September.

Fusion Fethiye Advice Centre is new a guidance and support centre in Fethiye for English and Turkish speakers.

Adjacent to the Adliye Sarayı, or Court House, by legal interpreter, Doğan Şahin, this important new resource for Fethiye residents will provide professional advice and support for anyone who is involved in any part of Fethiye’s administrative, official or legal system.

But it won’t stop there. Fusion Fethiye, as Şahin hopes it will eventually become known, aims to assist foreigners who come to live in Fethiye to understand and deal with the complexities of the Turkish legal, judicial and bureaucratic system all the way from A to Z: Architects to Zabita as well as everything in between.

For the first time in Fethiye, Doğan Şahin is organising a series of English language seminars that he believes will help foreign nationals living in Fethiye better understand how to survive and benefit from the bureaucracy of their adopted country.

He also believes it will help those from abroad to further their understanding of Turkish culture and the Turkish way of doing things and help forge lasting links between the foreign and Turkish communities.

Free Seminars Planned

The series of seminars will offer members of the expat community a chance to listen to, learn from and then ask questions of lawyers and other professionals on specific areas ranging from conveyancing, divorce, criminal cases, wills, death, probate, health issues, residency, immigration and citizenship, through to architects, tax, insurance experts, vehicles, the security forces, Zabita, landscape designers, urban development professionals and every kind of expert from all walks of life.

The purpose of these seminars is not to address problems but to further understanding of the process.


The first seminar will be on Monday 9th September at 5.30 pm, a Notary (7th Notary), Mrs. Keriman Yavuz Baynurlar will explain what a Notary is, how the process works, and how their legal position compares with lawyers and interpreters. Following her talk there will be a question and answers session.

Family Court Cases

The second seminar will be on 30th September 2013 at 5.45 pm. The guest will be Mr. Kadir Furkan Çoban, Attorney at Law. His subject will be ” Family Court Cases” and “Debt and Bankruptcy cases – Foreclosure”.


The third seminar will be on the 14th October, Monday at 5.45 pm when Jane Akatay will talk about how to survive in Turkey.

Interpertation and Translation

The fourth seminar will be on 31st October, Doğan Şahin will talk about interpreting and translating where are they needed? Are they always needed? Who needs them? Also he will draw attention to some Do’s and don’ts.

These seminars are not designed to answer specific personal questions, rather to give people a general understanding of how the Turkish system works.

Book Soon

These seminars are free but space is limited, so Fusion Fethiye will need to have some idea of how many wish to attend. Therefore, if you wish to come please visit the Facebook page.


Or telephone: +90 538 463 2648

Fusion Fethiye are also planning a mini survey this autumn on what future seminar subjects should be. This may take the form of an online survey, asking people what subjects they wish to learn about the most.

About Doğan Şahin:

Born in Turkey in 1962, Doğan left University studies to migrate to Australia in 1984. He has been working as a professional Translator/Interpreter since 1986. He has NAATI accreditation from Australia. He returned to Turkey in 1990 and, having completed his University studies in Turkey he went back to Australia to further his studies in the art of Translation and Linguistics. His specialty is legal language. He translated a book on ‘Ottoman Harem Life’ and published a novel, ‘All that My Father Had Never Known’ in 1992. His stories and many articles as well as translations on immigration, culture, antique & modern history and tourism, Gallipoli Campaign and WWI have been published in various magazines.

Doğan also participated in production of documentaries, including ‘Antique Halikarnassos’, ‘The Black Fortress of Opium’ and ‘Assos’. He has travelled to 61 cities around the world before finally settling in Turkey in 2004; He now lives in Muğla region, where Blue Cruise discovery yachting holidays all began. A collection of his articles, translations and stories could be found at: Married with three children Doğan is also an amateur researcher on Gallipoli Campaign in WWI and an authority on Foreign POW to Ottomans in WWI.

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