Do you feel cheated by the UK Government because you cannot get access to the NHS healthcare you paid for all your life since you moved to Turkey? Well now things could be about to change.

The UK Government is now seeking your views on proposed changes to NHS health care arrangements for migrants and expats.

The consultation document title is certainly a mouthful – “The UK Government Sustaining services, ensuring fairness: A consultation on migrant access and their financial contribution to NHS provision in England”. But its contents are interesting.


It acknowledges that under current rules Expatriate UK citizens who move to reside abroad currently lose their entitlement to free NHS treatment. They regain this if they return to live in the UK permanently, but usually not when returning to visit.

They say that in line with the principle that everybody makes a fair contribution, they propose to confirm the entitlement of any person who has previously paid at least seven years of National Insurance contributions.

The full details of the proposals can be found on page 21 of the document that can be found here.

Act Fast

Potentially great news for Expats. But do not leave it to chance. Make sure you respond and tell them what you want.

But hurry, you will need to submit your comments by the 28th August 2013.