The Animal Aid’s entertainment committee put together a fabulous evening for many of our supporter’s.  The Monty on the Bounty cruise left for sail on Saturday, 20th July at 18.30 until late

Carole & Tayfun’s vessel carried 76 hardy sailors on an unforgettable cruise.

The guests navigated their way to the bar to splice the mainbrace.  After dropping anchor in a quiet bay “shiver me timbers some of the hearties actually went in for a swim….ooh argh”.

The dance music commenced and the top deck was soon full of jack tars enjoying 70’s and 80’s disco music.

Some of the Animal Aid crew worked hard for weeks preparing for the sunset surprise.  Evenings were taken up with dance practise and a choreographer Kate Topcu tutored the Salty Barnacles until they were ready to perform the Full Monty.

The rip roaring performance was well received and requests have already been submitted for a repeat performance.  The Full Monty dancers kept their dignity by at least keeping their budgie smugglers on – thank goodness!!

Barry Prowse and Mike Chamberlain were the MC’s for the evening, both giving an upbeat and entertaining commentary.

Three stowaways were found below deck.  They were given the choice of walking the plank, being keel hauled, given the cat-o-nine tails or performing a Three Degrees medley. They opted for the medley obviously!!

Animal Aid would like to thank all our supporters at this event for buying raffle tickets, contributing towards suggesting a name for the cuddly donkey and joining in the auction.

Thank you to Carole & Tayfun for providing a generous discount.  This enables Animal Aid to provide an affordable evening’s entertainment for our supporters.

Without the help of Kate Topcu  ( choreographer ) and Karen Prowse we would have struggled. Kate spent several evenings working with the guys teaching them the routine.

Karen put the outfits together customising each one so they could be removed quicker than you could say “this is mutiny Mr Christian”.

A massive thank you to both these ladies for their patience and skill.

The Full Monty dancers are named and shamed as Andy Trent, Mike Daly, Mike Chamberlain and Barry Prowse.  The Three Degrees medley was performed by Chrissy Haynes, Teresa Church and Jenny Daly.

Lastly the Animal Aid team would like to say that we thoroughly enjoy entertaining our supporters.  Without you we wouldn’t have so much fun!!