The waters around Fethiye offer some world-class cruising for yachts and motor yachts and here are a couple of very interesting vessels spotted recently on the water in and around the bay of Fethiye.

Fethiye Times reader and skipper Stuart Aikman is often out and about around the waters of Fethiye and has taken some pictures of some very interesting vessels.

Cool Slide

The first is a motor yacht called ‘Lazy Z’. She comes with something we have never seen before, an inflatable water slide!

motor yacht called ‘Lazy Z’

Motor yacht called ‘Lazy Z’ Fethiye Bay

In fact we wonder if the idea came from one of those escape slides they have on jet planes.

Sub Zero

The next boat is the ultra modern and yacht called, we think, the ‘Betterplace’.

Yacht Betterplace, Fethiye Bay, Turkey

The British flagged vessel looks very cool (sub zero) in that amazing blue. What a beauty!

Yacht Betterplace, Fethiye Bay, Turkey

All pictures copyright Stuart Aikman.