Imitation goods were targeted and seized by brand lawyers working with the local security forces last week in Oludeniz. But shopkeepers that were targeted are angry.

Genuine Fake

The British holiday maker has always loved the bargains available in Turkish tourist resorts such as Oludeniz and Fethiye especially those that look and feel like they are a proper brand.

Believed to be exempt from any brand control the market has grown and grown in Turkey and a big industry has grown up to copy the latest cool, classic or trendy brand product to hit the streets.

The Turkish shopkeeper has always been more than willing to oblige and buy in stock because the lure of a knock down price for a top class brand icon seems irresistible to tourists.

In fact some of the products are such good quality we wonder why they bother trying to imitate at all.

But it looks like the days of the Genuine Fake could be over.

Counterfeit Dr Dre Headphones for sale in Fethiye market

Front Line

Turkey seems to be on the front line of the counterfeit war and the brands have brought in their troops to fight the battle.

Last week brand lawyers working with the local security forces seized good in the resort of Oludeniz near Fethiye.

According to local reports they visited 18 businesses and seized T-shirts, hats, bags, fragrances and shoes they suspected of being imitations, or to put it in legal terms, counterfeit. They also issued substantial fines to the shopkeepers for selling such items.


But shopkeepers were very angry about the action and 12 shops closed in protest despite the loss of income now the tourist season in full swing.

They argue the goods are all made in Turkey are good quality and why should they be penalised for just selling them.

The Oludeniz Mayor stepped in to try and help out the shopkeepers asking if a compromise could be struck.

Counterfeit leather bags for sale in Fethiye market

The End?

But that fell on deaf ears as the Brands reclaim the shop shelves and restore value to their products that have been undermined for so long by Turkish Genuine Fakes.