In this weeks round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area a British man is rescued after getting lost, FethiyeSpor prepares for the new season and a new division, old wreck fuel successfully cleared and more.

British Man Lost and Found

Coldwater Bay, Kayakoy

A British couple on holiday at an all inclusive hotel in Oludeniz, Fethiye were reunited when one of them set off for a walk and became lost.

Steve Gibson became lost when he tried to walk from Kayakoy to Oludeniz using the off road walking trail.

He said he became lost at a cross in the path and instead of carrying on to Oludeniz he took the path towards Coldwater Bay.

When he ran out of water he panicked and called his wife Jackie who was sitting by the pool at their hotel.

She contacted her rep who then contacted the local Jandarma.

After a number of phone calls they managed to work out his location was near to the sea and a small boat was sent with a Jandarma officer and he was rescued.

A TV crew was waiting with his wife Jackie when Steve arrived back on the boat after sunset.

Steve said he was very thankful for the help of the Jandarma and the boat skipper who rescued him.

FethiyeSpor Prepares for New Season

Fethiye Stadium, Fethiye

Local football team FethiyeSpor are now preparing for their entry into the PTT division 1 after their promotion at the end of the last season with training in Europe and Turkey underway.

And last week they signed their first foreign player Patrick Etoga from Cameroon to the squad.

The 20 year-old player who plays in the centre position said he was really looking forward to being in the team and living in the beautiful town of Fethiye.

Wreck Cleaned of Hazardous Fuel

Fethiye Bay

The ship ‘Casino Fiorita’ sank 27 years ago in the bay of Fethiye. Work has been underway to remove the wreck and make the area safe again for vessels and marine life.

Work began at the end of May this year to remove fuel from the sunken vessel.

The month long project was completed on Friday last week.

Original estimates thought that there was 4 tonnes of fuel in the tanks but the final tally was 18 tonnes.

The project leader described the fuel tanks as rotten and if the fuel had leaked it would have created a serious danger to the Gulf of Fethiye.

Drug Busts at Various Tourist Locations a Success

Central Fethiye

Police carried out coordinated raids in Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris last week and seized illegal drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

The raids that took place in bars, discos and pubs in the tourist areas of the towns gathered a haul that included a kilo of cannabis, 134 pills, scales, 56 bottles of liquor and more.

They even seized hundreds of counterfeit headphones (no doubt Dr Dre Beats!)

13 people were arrested.


Grasshopper Invasion

Cokek Village, Fethiye

The village of Cokek village located in the foothills of the 3,000 meter Akdag mountain is home to a small population of farmers.

But the normally fertile and quite village has been invaded by unwelcome guests.

Local reports say that thousands of grasshoppers have invaded the area devouring crops and turning the land into a desert.

It is also reported that poultry that have eaten the grasshoppers have become sick.

The villagers have been in contact with the agricultural authorities about the infestation but are ruling out spraying of insecticide because it may kill of valuable bee hive colonies that are cultivated in the village.

One villager was reported saying it is now too late to do anything about it this year.