The controversial swimming pool that was used as a tank for a dolphin ‘attraction’ in Hisaronu, Oludeniz a few years ago has now been turned into top class sports diving pool.


Site of An Historic Battle

The pool was the scene of an historic 20 month fight to free two dolphins Misha and Tom from the pool.


It was then part of an ‘attraction’ that was claimed as a dolphin therapy pool where guests were supposed to pay to swim with dolphins.

But once people saw the conditions concerned local animal lovers started to protest.

There was a silent march in July 2010 where hundreds walked to the site of the pool to demand the closure of it.

Then the campaign went international when it was adopted by the Born Free Foundation.

The pressure eventually led to the abandoning of the pool and the release of the dolphins.

Change for Good

Fast forward to July 2013 and we now see a completely different scene.

The pool has now been converted into a top class diving pool and offers a number of diving platforms and a springboard.

No doubt in an effort to erase its controversial past the pool facility has been renamed the Friendly Forest Sports Club.

The Mayor of Oludeniz who officially opened the pool last week said that the new facility will attract national athletes and local budding divers alike because of its excellent facilities.