The holy month of Ramazan starts today and we run through a few of the things you may see around the town during the 30 day fast.

Nightly Celebrations

Each night is a great celebration with the end of the fast celebrated with special food and social gatherings.

Neighbours will invite friends and family around or be invited around to others for the important break-fast meal known as the ‘Iftar’.


Fethiye Council usually holds special evening events around the centre of town.

Expect musicians, poetry reading, comedy and more to be staged.


For those who are unable to get home, are poor or unwell the Fethiye Council offers a public service in the form of a pre prepared meal.

Meals on Wheels

If you see a Councils Zabita car turn up and its uniformed occupants visit a neighbour it is more than likely they will be delivering Iftar meals to the homes of the elderly and infirm.

Louder Call to Prayer and Coloured Lights on Minarets

The holy month of Ramazan is one of the highlights of the Muslim calendar and the mosques will be broadcasting that fact around the town.

The final ten days of Ramazan are important and the 27th night, known as the Night of Power, or the Night of Destiny will see the minarets lit up with different colours.

Ramazan Drummer

It’s dying out now but this person stalks the streets in the early morning (from 2:30 am in some cases) beating his drum to awake the fasters for their breakfast.

The drum is very effective at waking people up because the drummer uses uneven and therefore annoying beats.

He doesn’t care if you aren’t a faster and wakes you up so get some earplugs – or as one person did – pay him to go elsewhere!!

A Big Bang

You may hear a big bang or see a firework at sunset. Don’t worry that’s just a firework set off by the Council to mark the end of the fast.

The End

The end of Ramazan is a time for big celebrations.

A 3 day national holiday called Şeker Bayram will take place on the 8th, 9th & 10th August 2013.

This is a very busy time when people will travel to meet relatives and go on holiday. Public transport, roads and hotels will be very busy during that time.