Fethiye Times reader Olive Hayfield has won a victory over her local council for over charged council tax and demonstrates that persistence pays off.

There is a saying in Turkey that the ‘Crying baby gets the milk’.

Well Olive Hayfield has certainly proven that saying following weeks of hard work to get the local council to reduce her incorrect council tax charge.

Olive had been chatting to her neighbours to find out how much they paid for their council tax in April when she was due to pay her annual tax.

But she was astounded to find that they were paying half what she was and her home was smaller.

She contacted the local council, a local estate agent and Fethiye Times to find out how she could appeal.

Eventually after the usual being pushed around the houses she got to speak with the council chief. She put her case to him and he said he would look into it. But knowing ‘how things work around here’ she made sure she returned regularly for updates.

In fact she visited the director every week for 5 weeks.

Eventually after requesting copies of her files from the archives in Ankara the good news came back that she had been over charged.

All that determination paid off and a refund for 6 years overpaid tax was given to her – over 500 TL.

Olive said:

“I guess I am lucky to get all this money back so I am very pleased. However, I really did have to work hard to make sure it was dealt with and not consigned to a pending pile.” She continued, “I now check all by bills very, very carefully. ”

So the ‘Crying baby really does get the milk’ in Dalaman at least.