Our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area this week includes three killed and others injured on Fethiye roads, clean sweep for divers, gang arrested for suspected tourist frauds and more.

A Terrible Week for Road Safety

Fethiye Area

A ten year old British boy on holiday with his family in Fethiye was severely injured last week when a vehicle collided with a parked van that in turn collided with the boy crushing his legs. He was taken to Antalya for specialist medical treatment. The British press also ran the story.

A father and his 6 year old son were killed when their motorcycle was in a collision with a vehicle in the Gulukbashi district of Fethiye.

One person was killed and two injured when a motorcycle was in a collision with a vehicle in Fethiye. The driver of the vehicle was a learner and under supervision at the time. The motorcyclist died at the scene.

Clean Sweep for Environment Day

Fethiye Promenade, Fethiye

A number of activities took place in Fethiye last week to mark world environment day.

One such event, designed to raise awareness of pollution in the sea, took place alongside the promenade in Fethiye.

Divers working with the Fethiye Council clean seas team (TURMEPA) brought up various items of rubbish from the sea bed including old rope, plastic tubes, bottles, metals and more.

One diver reported that he had released a crab that had been trapped in a web of mesh and took it out to deeper water.

Butterfly Valley Illegal Structures Demolished

Butterfly Valley, Oludeniz

Butterfly Valley is home to some 80 species of butterfly and is designated as a protected conservation area by the Government. It is also has a wonderful beach and superb location not far from the popular resort of Oludeniz.

But the pressure from tourism and the lure of their money is always a threat.

The current occupiers of the valley have been keen to extend their campsite and attract more visitors.

They planned a 10 day festival for the end of May and added shower, toilet and washing facilities to the site.

But following complaints the festival was cancelled and last week the county administration authorities issued an order for the buildings to be demolished.

Will nature succeed we wonder?

Gang Arrested for Credit Card Fraud

Fethiye / Marmaris

A gang were arrested by local security services last week on suspicion of stealing around 5 thousand pounds from tourists bank accounts.

It is alleged that the team of 4 worked together to target tourists on holiday in Oludeniz and Fethiye hotels to obtain their credit card details.

Following complaints made by tourists who had discovered thefts from their accounts local Jamdarma teams investigated, and following a surveillance operation, arrested the suspects at a hotel in Marmaris.



Car Fires Claim Two Vehicles

Fethiye Area

There were two car fires reported last week.

The first saw the destruction of an SUV when it caught fire on the Fethiye – Mugla highway. Fire crews closed the road and extinguished the fire. The vehicle was owned by an accountant from Fethiye.

The second destroyed a hire car driven by British tourists.

The couple had visited the summit of Babadag Mountain and were returning down the steep road when it is reported the car overheated and the engine caught fire.

The forestry fire control helicopter was called into action as the fire posed a threat to the local forest.

The Babadag road was completely closed for some time during the incident leaving paragliders and tourists waiting.