Our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area this week includes popular Fethiye seaside restaurant demolished,  Coast Guard rescues German yachties, wreck made safer and more.

Popular Yakamoz Restaurant Demolished

Promenade, Fethiye

The Yakamoz Restaurant on Fethiye promenade near to the Esnaf Hospital was demolished last week by the Council following a long running legal dispute.

The restaurant was located right at the end of the promenade until recent works extended the walkway and allowed other restaurants and cafes to be built.

A large swing shovel digger reduced the local landmark to splinters and rubble last Wednesday much to the amazement on onlookers and the owner.

The owner had taken the dispute to appeal but when that failed the Council acted quickly and decisively.

The owner was interviewed by the local press while he salvaged equipment and said 50 people will now be out of work.

The Council took enforcement action last year on other restaurants near to Yakamoz when they were found to have expanded beyond their approved boundaries.

Drugs Haul Breaks Record

Yaka Village, Fethiye

The Jandarma seized 101 kg of cannabis found in a building in the village of Yaka last week following a tip off.

The haul was the largest found by the security services in the area to date.

Saklikent Gorge Fees Up

Sakilikent, Fethiye

An increase to the fee to one visit one of the best natural attractioins in the area were announced last week.

The fee to access Saklikent Gorge will rise 50 krs to 5.50 TL, around £2.00.

Compare that to the costs of getting into similar attractions in other parts of the world and it’s still a bargain.

The fee to park will rise from 3 TL to 10 TL and a 1 TL fee will apply to use the ‘facilities’.

More on the gorge later this week.

Coastguard to the Rescue

Gulf of Fethiye

The Coast Guard was called to rescue a group of German tourists this week when the yacht they had chartered became difficult for them to control in strong winds.

The tourists were travelling between the popular resorts of Oludeniz and Caunos (Dalyan) which is a long leg with few safe ports close by.

The Coast Guard intercepted the boat and returned everyone to Marmaris where health checks were carried out but only after passport control had been completed.



Wreck Made Safe

Fethiye Bay, Fethiye

The ship ‘Casino Fiorita’ sank 27 years ago in the bay of Fethiye. Work has been underway to remove the wreck and make the area safe again for vessels and marine life.

Last week a specialist company was contracted to remove 4 tons of fuel from the sunken vessel.

The project leader described the fuel tanks as rotten and if the fuel had leaked it would create a serious danger to the Gulf of Fethiye.

The work to remove the fuel is expected to take around 20 working days.